Active Directory Self-Service Suite

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"The true value of a directory service is derived from the applications and intra- and inter-enterprise business processes that leverage the information contained within the directory."

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The Active Directory Self-Service Suite is the most powerful and flexible web-based corporate whitepages and self-service password reset solution available. Its directory-centric architecture leverages the advanced capabilities of Microsoft Active Directory or AD LDS (ADAM) to create a seamless deployment, administration, and user experience. With a rapid deployment model, in often less than one hour, you can quickly realize the benefits of self-service password reset, directory information self-service, an employee WhitePages, and delegated administration.

SharePoint Support

The AD Self-Service Suite also offers the best SharePoint integration of any Identity Management product on the market. For more information on our SharePoint integration, visit our SharePoint web parts page.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Dynamic search-like “Directory Views” technology allows even complex multi-forest environments to be organized and presented to users in logical views, describing how your organization collaborates and delegates management
  • SharePoint web parts and the Windows® logon
  • A single search box encompassing all of your Active Directory Forests enables powerful new collaboration possibilities
  • Directory-centric storage enabling AD as your central repository supporting global deployments
  • Highest end-user adoption and acceptance
  • Fastest implementation time – deployed and configured in your environment in less than an hour

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