Active Directory Self-Service Suite

The Value Leader in Self-Service for Active Directory and AD LDS with SharePoint Web Parts

The AD Self-Service Suite is the most flexible and value-focused web-based corporate directory and password self-service reset solution available. Within minutes, your organization will enjoy the benefits of an Active Directory integrated corporate white pages, directory self-service, and password self-service reset solution with intuitive interfaces for the web, Microsoft SharePoint, and the Win8, Windows XP and Vista/Windows 7 desktop login screens.

Cut IT expenses by reducing helpdesk calls from forgotten passwords and routine directory information update requests. AD Self-Service’s directory-centric architecture leverages the advanced capabilities of Microsoft Active Directory to create a seamless deployment, administration, and user experience.

The unique architecture of the AD Self-Service Suite offers significant functionality advantages:

  • Fastest implementation time – deployed and configured in your environment in less than an hour
  • Broadest range of user interfaces including: multiple web interfaces, SharePoint web parts, and Windows® logon clients
  • Supports multiple Active Directory domains, un-trusted forests, and even Microsoft AD LDS (ADAM)
  • Best user experience leading to highest end-user adoption and acceptance
  • Most flexible password self-service options

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