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Interactive Active Directory and AD LDS collaboration phone book with SharePoint Web Parts

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Readily available and accurate directory information increases productivity by simplifying employee communications and collaboration. Many Active Directory and AD LDS (ADAM) deployments contain little useful employee information. Employees must resort to using various spreadsheets or paper directories presenting a less than optimal collaboration environment.


AD WhitePages is a completely web-based directory application designed to enable Active Directory and AD LDS as your most easy to use, up to date and interactive source for employee collaboration. WhitePages may be accessed using its dedicated web interface or as a web part integrated into your existing SharePoint sites.

AD WhitePages unifies multiple Active Directory Domains, Forests, and AD LDS directories organizing information using a dynamic search-like technology called Directory Views. Directory Views are search queries that may include users, groups or contacts from multiple Active Directory Domains or Forests unifying them into named views.

Almost any field in your Active Directory may be used when creating your Directory Views. The Directory Views are then assigned to users based upon their group membership or roles within the organization. Each Directory View may be configured concerning what information is visible and searchable by the end user. Privacy and security are maintained as each attribute in a Directory View has customizable security controlling who may see it or not. Directory Views themselves may be restricted to only be visible by select users or groups.

The Form Designer included in the AD WhitePages administration console allows total control over the look and feel of a Directory View. Admins may select fields to show in the information grid as well as fields to display for the detailed view of a user or other object. The details view for users or other objects can be designed from scratch including building tabs, groupings of fields and field style selection.

AD WhitePages will quickly become a central point of employee collaboration by providing the most flexible and comprehensive source of information. Most common forms of collaboration such as sending an email, mapping an address using Google or Yahoo, as well a placing a call with a software phone are available as clickable actions.

To keep your Active Directory and AD LDS information up to date and accurate, AD WhitePages includes a flexible mechanism where other users and groups may be assigned as "editors" and granted the right to update information for other users and contacts. Editors are limited to which users they may edit using AD WhitePage’s flexible Directory Views technology.

AD WhitePages also provides seamless integration with AD Info's self-service functionality. AD Info self-service allows users to update their own directory information anytime, anywhere, using only a web browser.

Key Features

  • Supports Microsoft AD LDS (ADAM)
  • Unique Directory Views technology
  • Editors capability allows delegation of information updates
  • MyInfo integration allows end users to update their own information
  • Powerful enterprise search in a single box
  • Google and Yahoo Maps integration
  • "Click to call" support for Skype and other software phones
  • Supports browsable Jpeg employee photos
  • Tight Microsoft SharePoint Integration with web part deployment option

Software Requirements

  • Windows Server 2003 or later
  • .NET 2.0 or later
  • Active Directory or AD LDS (ADAM)
  • Optional - Microsoft SharePoint 2003, 2007, or 2010

Licensing Model

AD WhitePages is licensed based upon the total count of Active Directory or AD LDS (ADAM) users in the domains or directories you wish to manage.

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